Bubble Bobble

How to control

X = jump

Z=shoot/ enter/

move use up down left right

Bubble bobble is a skilled casual elimination game. Here, you need to control the bubble shooter and let it beat bubbles of the same colour together to form three or more bubbles to eliminate them. Eliminating all bubbles in the screen means winning the game.

Bubble bobble’s game operation

In Bubble bobble, you only need to control the left mouse button, control the direction of emission. Then according to the bubble colour of the bubble shooter at the bottom of the screen, you can shoot it on bubbles of the same colour and connect it into three or more bubbles to eliminate it.

Bubble bobble game features

It has enough levels to allow you to have a good game experience when eliminating bubbles. Moreover, you need enough observation and patience to remove it here, because if you can’t remove it within the time allowed by it, the bubble bubble bubble system will let the rest of the bubble group press down until it reaches the shooter, which means the game will fail. Therefore, when playing games here, try your best to eliminate them in the fastest possible time to get high scores. At the same time, you can also avoid the pressure caused by the downward force of bubble groups, confusing. Can’t deal with bubbles very well.

If you want to play elimination games, you can choose bubble bobble.  What you do here is that when a bubble appears in the shooter, it can eliminate more bubbles by launching it onto a bubble group with the same colour, but when the bubble group presses against the bubble shooter, your game is over.

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